Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJ from Berklee Press may be an ideal entry point for those looking to get behind the decks. From essential but lower-profile concerns (like deck height, the stability of your surface during a live gig and so forth) to adjusting the taper switch on your crossfader, Turntable Technique has many, if not all, bases covered. Hosted by Stephen Webber (composer, producer and professor of music production and engineering at the Berklee College of Music), the material is delivered at a thorough and even pace—perfect for beginners or anyone loosely familiar with the mechanics of DJing. The disc is equally devoted to setting up and exploring the equipment, explaining how the tools are generally put in practice and offering tips that turn simply playing records into more of a creative extension of the turntablist (crabs, transforms and so on). Even if you have no intention to expand your current production or live setup to include decks, Turntable Technique is a worthwhile lesson in turntable depth. – Joe Silva