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Stephen is an international clinician who presents workshops, master classes and performance seminars on:

Turntable Technique: The Art of the DJStephen adressing the International Audio Engineering Society at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

This media-rich performance seminar traces the history of hip-hop culture, and the revolutionary use of the turntable as a musical instrument from street to symphony hall. 

Record Production and Songwriting

Ranging from a single session, to an intensive weekend-long workshop focused on strengthening all aspects of record production. Stephen’s classes include tools and strategies to maximize the impact of the artist’s vision, identity and intention, lyrics, melody, song form, instrumental arrangements, vocal performance, listening skills and mixing. Of interest to all recording musicians, songwriters and producers.

Production Masterclass

In a small group setting, Stephen Webber provides professional, personal feedback of participants’ CD, demo, or live performance. Feedback includes strengthening your material, focusing your artistic vision, finding your voice, refining arrangements to emphasize your strengths, and realizing professional standards of production and engineering.  Recordings can be in any style of vocal or instrumental music.


Student Feedback:

“Stephen’s enthusiasm and knowledge are incredible. His teaching is concise yet comprehensive, covers all aspects of record making, and gives students the confidence to become music producers.”


“This has by far been the best, most rewarding course I have ever taken in my whole entire life. It has completely changed me personally.”


“For me, the tools that the course provided gave me the confidence that I needed. Everything seems clear now. It feels almost like solving a difficult puzzle and after solving the puzzle I realized that it wasn't as hard as people made it seem.”


More reviews about Stephen's seminar, "Your Songs: A Producer's Perspective"


Information/registration for Stephen's workshops in Australia and New Zealand


Information/registration for Stephen's workshops in Hawaii